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Post Production


  1. Video Post Production
    Video Editing DVD Design, Authoring and Duplication Alchemist Ph.C Standards Conversion Motion Graphics and Design
  2. Audio Post Production
    Audio Restoration M&E Creation for International Distribution Mixing, Foley and Audio Layback R128 Compliance, Dolby E Encoding
  3. Digital Encoding and Delivery
    Digital Encoding from Tape - all popular file types Transcoding Closed Captioning and Transcription Aspera Signiant, Smartjog, FTP Delivery
  4. Evaluation/QC Service
    100% Evaluation/QC w/Custom Report R128 Evaluation Tape or any File Format
  5. LTO Archiving
    Archiving, Restoration of Digital Media Asset Management
  6. Tape Archive Transfers
    HDCAM, HDCAM-SR, Dig Beta Duplication Legacy Format Transfers to File (2" 1" 3/4" VHS) Archive/Legacy Audio Transfers to FIle